Lifestyle & Creative portrait shots make you look friendly and approachable. Environmental backgrounds, whether outdoors or in a work setting, are great for professionals who come in contact with others, conveying interest to the viewer. This group includes Architects, Authors, Trainers, Homebuilders, Hospitality Industry, Journalists, Politicians, Real Estate Agents, and Sales People.  

This type of shot is often done on location; either a commercial, industrial, office or urban setting. We will review shots on camera, so we get instant feedback about what is working and what needs tweaked, and make selections on the spot. We will draw out an honest and approachable look that will grab people's attention.

I don't go overboard on retouching, I want the final images to be what people see when they meet you. My editing consists of color correction, exposure adjustment, eye and teeth highlighting, minor blemish removal and skin smoothing,  

Within 24 hours of the session, I will edit and upload the best final images (based on your package), in hi-resolution, to a website gallery, from which you have full download and print privileges.